P.P.H.U "TECH-BAND" Bozena Cielesta was founded in 1994. By now the company has great experience in making technical fibre products.


Main products are:

Woven tapes in range from 6 mm to 100 mm: tapes for sport and tourist goods, army articles, tapes for leads, harnesses, tapes for furniture and textile industry, tapes used in production of advertisement articles,heavy-duty tapes for car industry, lifting slings, car stays, tapes for big-bags, different kind of belts.Ropes: ropes, lines, twisted ropes, plaited ropes, circular rubbers.The products are applied in building industry, fishing, sport and tourist equipment, yachting, annimal and decorative goods.The products are made of plypropylene silk, poliester, poliamide and cotton.


The company possesses a complex of halls and magazines which are equiped with different types of machines including tape looms and twisters.


Experienced staff is willing for new challanges and management aspires to get new markets.